Type Water Creature
Health 5
Biome Spawns Ocean
Rarity Uncommon
Drops When Caught: Angler Alive

When Killed: Raw Angler

Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds No
Species 1

Anglers are Neutral underwater creatures. They swim at least 5 blocks below the surface and will only come up to attack their enemies. The tip of their "lamp" is lit like the eyes of the Spiders . They spawn with numerous Whisps to confuse the player about their location. They only appear in ocean biomes and are therefore hard to spot. When provoked they attack the player dealing 1 heart of damage.

They have the abilities of any WaterMob in Atmosmobs.


For a guide on how to tame them check out the WaterMobs page. It uses the catch system like any other WaterMob .

In order to catch the Angler more easely the player will have to guide the Angler to the surface by provoking it.

The specific taming item for this mob is: Angler Alive.


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