(Vampire) Bat
Type Flying Mob
Health 5
Biome Spawns Nighttime

Forest, Forest Hills, Plains, Extreme Hills, Jungle and Jungle Hills

Rarity Common
Drops Coal
Breedable No
Tameable No
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 2

45(Vampire) Bats are neutral flying mobs that appear above and below ground at night. They fly around in a random pattern and will damage the player half a heart when collided with. Bats are an easy source of coal especially when the player did not manage to find any coal ore on her/her first night.


Above Ground:

As mentioned before, Bats fly around in a random pattern. They do not intend to hit the player in any way, but they will damage the player when collided with.


When spawned in a cave, a bat will fly up and hang upsidedown on the ceiling. This is its sleeping mode. The only way to get the bat out of the sleeping mode is to damage it or by lighting the place up to a lightlevel of 8 or higher. This means that if you place a torch close to a sleeping Bat, it will fly away. When awake, bats will follow the same behaviour as above ground.


When a Bat spawns in the Jungle it will become a Fruit Bat, which is just a bigger version with a different texture.


  • This mob was originally just called "Bat", but it was renamed to Vampire Bat because of the 1.4 update of Minecraft, which added Bats .

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