Type Land/Water Creature
Health 10
Biome Spawns Daytime


Rarity Uncommon
Drops Sticks
Breedable Yes
Tameable No
Custom Sounds No
Species 1

4Beavers are passive creatures that roam the forest and river biomes. They gnaw on Log blocks when near them and change them into Fences to make it look as if they gather wood for building a dam. The player will hear a "sawing" sound when a beaver is doing this. They also have the ability to make dams in small to medium sized bodies of water . This can only be done after collecting wood. They will flee from the player when damaged. When in a body of water without having collected any wood or after completing a dam, the beaver will swim around like any WaterMob.


Collecting Wood:

Beavers will start gnawing on logs when they are next to them. However when in a proximity of 3 blocks of a log the beaver will automaticly move towards the log . While gnawing, they will not move. After collecting the wood, it will continue wandering.

BUG:? Sometimes beavers will stay in place ever after collecting wood.

Building a Dam:

A Beaver can only start building a dam after it has collected wood. When it happens to go into the water with some wood, it will start building a dam. The dam is build according to the longest space between shore to shore. So the shore that is the furthest away will define the direction the dam will be build in. There is a limit to this length to prevent the beaver from building a dam across an ocean. The beaver will not be able to move by its own or by being pushed while building. The building process is done in steps. Every step it will create a part of the dam. Every part consists out of a small arch of log blocks . The beaver will be moved when the last part is completed, so it can start on the next part.When the beaver reaches the other shore, it will stop making a dam. Other beavers that come close to this beaver and its dam, will not be able to collect wood or build a dam anymore.

BUG:? At the start of building a dam, the beaver still has a defined path for a second which still makes it move for that second. This means that the start of a dam can turn out weird.