Bird behaviour is a new kind of Mob behaviour introduced by the mod. There are multiple kinds of birds in the mod that show this behaviour.

List of Mobs that show this behaviour:

Behaviour(in air)Edit

Birds move in a similar fashion as the Bats do when in the air, flying around randomly and rapidly, however their movement is less spasmodic and they fly higher up at random times. They also have the ability to descend at random times, which allows them to land. This randomness depends on the kind of bird that it is applied to.

Behaviour(on the ground)Edit

Birds move the same as any other ground mob of Minecraft when on the ground. They wander around and look around. When on the ground or descending, the following things can make a bird fly up again:

  • At a random time (depends on bird)
  • When a player comes nearby (for some birds)
  • When it goes into the water
  • When a Scarecrow is nearby


Birds can only be tamed by making them eat a specific item. This is not done in the normal right-clicking way. The player will need to drop the specific item on the ground and wait till the bird flies towards it. Then the bird will consume the item and be tamed. Tamed birds can mount Perches and most can mount BirdCages ,when those are in their mountable-state and the bird is nearby. Tamed birds will follow the player until it mounts a birdcage or perch, until it mounts the player (right-click the bird) or until the player is too far away.

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