Type Flying Bug
Health 2
Biome Spawns Daytime

Plains, Forest, ForestHills, Jungle, JungleHills and ExtremeHills

Rarity Common
Drops Seeds
Breedable No
Tameable No
Custom Sounds No
Species 2

2Butterflies are passive creatures that fly around randomly in the lands of Minecraft. They are attracted by flowers and will fly around them when close. This is a good example of a creature that is purely there for the addition of atmosphere to the game. Butterflies can't be hit by anything but a shovel (because of their surface) like any other bug.


In the 2.0 version, there are a lot of species, and you can make custom ones, and set where they spawn. In pre 2.0 versions, when a Butterfly spawned in the Jungle it would become a Blue Morpho Butterfly, which had a different texture.



  • They are improved drastically in AtmosMobs 2.0, and will be one of the first 3 mobs in the first build.


Minecraft - AtmosMobs - New Butterflies Preview06:04

Minecraft - AtmosMobs - New Butterflies Preview

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