Christmas Tree
Biome Spawns N/A
Rarity N/A
Spawning Item Christmas Tree item
Drops Christmas Tree item

The Christmas Tree is a stationary entity that can be decorated by the player. When completely decorated the player can receive gifts from it. Currently the player can't collide with the tree. To pick up the tree again the player must right-click it with a Stick . To turn it the player must right-click it with a Wooden Shovel .

This explains how to receive the gifts:

First, the player puts it down using the Christmas Tree item . It will look like this:


Second, the player uses ANY Dye on the tree to decorate it. It will look like this:


Then the player can OPTIONALLY add lighting (like the spider eyes) to the tree by using Glowstone Dust.

Finally the player uses the Christmas Star item on the tree. It will look like this.


Now the tree is fully decorated, the player has to right-click it with nothing in her hand to open the presents and receive 10 random items (well, random from a specific list anyway). These will drop and the tree will have it's final form:


The player can let the tree stand there as decoration for her house, or just remove it.

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