Type Land creatures
Health Unknown
Biome Spawns Mushroom biome
Rarity Uncommon
Drops Feathers and raw chicken
Breedable Yes
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds No
Species 1

Dodos are passive land creatures which inhabit the mushroom biome .  The dodo will lay dodo eggs like the chickens that could be used to spawn a tamed Dodo (see Taming ). The Dodo randomly plants brown mushrooms .


Once the player picks up a Dodo egg ,they can use it to spawn a tamed baby Dodo. The player can then put the Dodo on its head by right-clicking it. When a player has a Dodo on their head, all fall damage is prevented because the Dodo will make the player float down. Feeding a tamed Dodo some mushroom stew will launch the player together with the Dodo on their head into the sky.


  • In future there could be raw Dodo and cooked Dodo instead of chicken dropped by the Dodo.
  • Dodos still use chicken sounds and chicken behaviour at the moment.


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