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Type Amphibian
Health 10
Biome Spawns Daytime

Jungle, JungleHills, River, Swamp and Forest.

Rarity Common
Drops Frog Leg
Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 3

Frogs are passive amphibians that live around small bodies of water and swamps. Their soothing croaks can create a nice atmosphere, especially in swamplands. Frogs jump around peacefully until they land on a lilypad, then they will sit still. 


The species of the Frogs are randomly chosen on spawn. There are 3 species in total:

  • Barking Treefrog
  • Poison Frog, which is obviously poisonous and will inflict poison on the player when collided.
  • Green Treefrog

Poison Frog


When right-clicking a Frog with some Slimeballs, it will become tamed. The player can then right-click again to make the Frog sit on their head.

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