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Type Land Creature
Health 10
Biome Spawns Daytime

Desert, DesertHills, Jungle, JungleHills and River

Rarity Common
Drops Bones
Breedable Yes
Tameable No
Custom Sounds No
Species 3

Lizards are passive land creatures that are most commonly found in deserts. Their behaviour is that of any normal minecraft animal. They can be bred for a Bone farm. The player can lure Lizards by holding a Spider Eye.


Lizards have 3 species which all actually represent different animals. Their species depend on where they spawn.

  • Lizard, spawns when the conditions of the other 2 species aren't met.
  • Gecko, spawns when near Grass blocks.
  • Gila Monster, spawns when near Water.

Gila Monster

Bug: Breeding Lizards can result into a different species when the conditions are met.

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