Type Ground Creature
Health 25
Biome Spawns Daytime

Forest, ForestHills, Plains and ExtremeHills

Rarity Rare
Drops Gold Nugget
Breedable No
Tameable No
Custom Sounds No
Species 1

Moles are passive ground creatures that dig around just under the surface. They leave a trail of dirt when digging through grass blocks. They cannot be damaged by clipping through blocks and will re-generate all health when underground. The only way to kill a Mole is to dig towards it or wait till it ascends.


Moles will dig around under the ground surface in a random patern. When on a hill, the mole will adjust its position so it will still be 1 block below the surface. At random times, the Mole will ascend and look outside. After a while it will descend again and continue digging.