Biome Spawns N/A
Rarity N/A
Spawning Item Perch
Drops Perch

Perches are stationary entities that can be spawned with the Perch item. They cannot be moved or killed by attacking it after being spawned. Perches are used to safely leave birds at home. Perches are, like blocks, not affected by gravity.


After spawning a Perch it will do nothing. 

Right-clicking the perch without any item will change the state of it. There are 4 stages in order:

  • Closed
  • Open, bird can mount it.
  • Closed, bird is in it.
  • Open, bird can fly out.

All tamed Birds can mount Perches. A tamed Bird will automatically mount a cage when nearby and if the perch is in the correct state (Open, bird can mount it).

Right-clicking the perch with a wooden shovel will make it turn.

Righ-clicking the perch with a stick will destroy it and make it drop the Perch item for the player to retrieve it.