Phoenix Wings
Biome Spawns N/A
Rarity N/A
Spawning Item Phoenix Wings
Drops Phoenix Wings

Phoenix Wings is a mountable entity that spawns with the Phoenix Wings item. On spawn, the Phoenix Wings will attach themselves to the player and give it the ability to fly around. When no input is given, it will cause hte player to hop up and down and slowly move down. 

When the player flies into a ceiling, the Phoenix Wings should stop her from noclipping. If the player happens to noclip anyway, the player has to stop giving input and the Phoenix Wings will teleport her out of that state.

To dismount the Phoenix Wings, the player simply has to press shift. So watch out players, shift is NOT down. When dismounted, the wings will despawn and the Phoenix Wings item will drop for the player to retrieve.

Phoenix Wings aren't completely bug free yet.


A player having the Phoenix Wings activated.

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