Reef Manta
Type Sea Creature
Health 10
Biome Spawns Ocean, River and Beach
Rarity Common
Drops Raw Fish
Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds No
Species 1

Reef Manti are passive water creatures. They swim pretty fast. On spawn they spawn with a little Minecraft Fish which then swims underneath the Reef Manta.

They have the abilities of any WaterMob in Atmosmobs.


Taming a Reef Manta is pretty simple. The player needs to right click it with a Raw Angler. Then it's tamed. The player can right-click it again to make it mount the player. Then the player will have to move the Reef Manta quickly into another body of water, in order to keep the Reef Manta alive. Their speed and size might make it better to put it in a large aquarium.

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