Santa Claus
Type Human
Health N/A
Biome Spawns Daytime

Taiga and Ice Plains

Rarity Uncommon
Drops N/A
Breedable No
Tameable No
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 1

Santa Claus is a human which obviously represents Santa Claus . He spawns with the Rudolf version of the Reindeer and will automatically mount it. To make him dismount ,the player needs to reload.

Santa Claus can not be damaged whatsoever and will make a very jolly "hohoho" sound. He is used to obtain the Christmas Star item which he drops when the player feeds him a Cookie and Milk in that order. He will comment on your actions when doing so. This is the only way to obtain the Christmas Star.

When on the Rudolf Reindeer, he will slowly move up when moving, like the player would when mounting it. Santa Claus will constantly emit sparkle particles.


Unfortunately, he is going to be removed completely in the AtmosMobs 2.0 releases/updates.