Sea Turtle
Type Water Creature
Health 25
Biome Spawns Ocean and Beach
Rarity Common
Drops Raw Fish
Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds No
Species 2 (3)

Sea Turtles are passive water creatures that roam the Minecraft oceans. They have quite some health and just add a nice atmosphere. They can also move slowly on land.

They have the abilities of any WaterMob in Atmosmobs. However they do not suffocate like other WaterMobs.


Sea Turtles are tamed by feeding them leaves. They will follow a player when it is holding leaves. After this they will remember the player and keep following it.


The Golden Turtle was a competition set up by Daveyx0. The first one to find it won a creature in the game. This turned out to be Purplepanda3435 who suggested the Mahi Mahi. The only way to spawn a Golden Turtle is by collecting all mobs from the SeaCreatures update into one aquarium. Then the starfish would trigger a Golden Turtle spawn. The Golden Turtle can be right-clicked with leaves to convert the leaves into gold ingots.


The Golden Turtle

Bug: Golden Turtles might randomly spawn because of a boolean issue with the Starfish

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