Type Water/Land Creature
Health Unknown
Biome Spawns Ocean/Arctic
Rarity Common
Drops Raw fish
Breedable No
Tameable Yes
Custom Sounds Yes
Species 1

Seals are passive water/land creatures which spawn in snowy areas. Seals use the WaterMob behaviour when in the water, but when on land they will move like any other animal. There is one exception though: They can climb one block high walls to support their movement.


Seals are tamed by feeding them a Raw Blowfish. They will then be rideable. The player can mount the Seal by right-clicking. Seals move slow on land but fast in the water. This gives a good alternative for a boat. When a Seal gets hurt, feed it raw fish to make it regain its health.


  • While riding a Seal, it still slowly moves on its own.